About Us

Kia Kaha is an iconic Kiwi brand known for impeccable quality of design, quality of product, and quality of service.

Kia Kaha was started in 1994 and for the past 19 years the vision for the brand has remained the same.  The vision of Kia Kaha is to positively endorse New Zealand Maori culture and art nationally and internationally. Our aim is to share the beauty, tradition and culture of New Zealand and Maori with the world, promoting the art and design and unifying New Zealanders.

Kia Kaha designs are unique and inspiration is drawn from traditional Maori imagery and artwork. Kia Kaha tells a story rich in culture and heritage, a story to be embraced by all.

Kia Kaha promotes a strong sense of confidence and pride in New Zealanders of all racial backgrounds and an awareness around Maori culture.

It’s the little details that make Kia Kaha garments special. We only use premium high grade cottons such as slub, double mercerized, single jersey and peach cottons and all Kia Kaha products are garment washed to ensure minimal shrinkage and retention of garment shape.

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